This Is Robin Padilla’s Stunning Daughter Living In The US!

They often say that daughters are very close to their fathers. Aside from their wives, fathers perceive their daughters as their precious belongings. Fathers will do everything to protect their daughters from potential harm.

Girls need the love and protection of their fathers. Growing up with a father really helps in the development of the personality of a person. They contribute greatly with how a person deals with her environment.

There are instances when children grow up without one of their parents together inside their home. This produces negative impact for some people. However, there are father-daughter relationships that remain strong despite their distance from each other.

One of the best examples of this type of relationship is Robin Padilla and his daughter Camille Garcia. Camille has long been living in the United States and rarely go back to the Philippines. Despite living far from his father, Camille still loves Robin and they respect each other.

Camille is Robin’s daughter with Leah Orosa, his leading lady in the movie “Sa Diyos Lang Ako Susuko”. Many people do not know that Robin once had a relationship with Leah.

There are many netizens who were shocked when Camille was introduced as Robin’s daughter. This is mainly because Camille rarely received exposure because of the fact that she lives in America. Unlike Quennie and Kylie Padilla, Robin’s daughters with Liezl Sicangco, Camille has a more private life.

Despite having a private life away from the eyes of the Philippine industry, entertainment is still in Camille’s blood given her parents are both artists. Camille is in fact, an aspiring model and actress. She wants to share her talent just like her parents.

Camille once gave her father a surprise visit on the Christmas Eve of 2014. This only means that despite having a busy career and great distance from her father, Camille is still a wonderful daughter.

SOURCE: Artistanow

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