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Chinese Man Lost Huge Amount Of Money After An Alleged Scam By Ex-Lover

To gain the confidence and trust of the lady he is pursuing, a man will do everything and even give more than what he can. This is the “ligaw” or courship culture in the Philippines. It is very unique and the principles are very Filipino.

According to sources, the traditional Filipina is usually shy and secretive. Even if she feels something towards a person, she will not declare it, thus will keep it a secret.

On the other hand, to impress the lady, the man will give extra effort. He will give special gifts, he will offer songs and dances and he will also do special house chores to get the trust if the lady he is pursuing. Most if the time, there is a great chance that the man will get the lady if the lady does not refuse his gifts or efforts.

But as mentioned, this is traditional. There are cases when this culture is absent. Meaning there is no courtship present or no “ligawan”. Sometimes, ladies just accept material gifts but still refuse to love the man courting them.

One of the peculiar kind of ligawan or courship that gained the attention of many social media users is the case that broadcast journalist Raffy Tulfo tried to resolve during his “Wanted Sa Radyo” program.

A Chinese businessman named Ice Lim sought help from Raffy Tulfo after his former girlfriend whom she courted for a year and has been only been in a relationship with him for five months, allegedly scammed him. He claimed that he gave her expensive gifts causing him to go bankcrupt but still left him.

According to Ice, his former girlfriend is a varsity player from a very famous school. He said that he courted the girl for one year and right there and then, he already gave her special gifts. But their relationship just lasted for 5 months.

In that five months, Ice claimed that the girl never expressed sweetness towards him. She even has 10 Commandments and even told him not to tell anyone about their relationship. Ice allegedly gave her two cars, expensive jewelries, high-end cellphones, watch and money.

But everything suddenly changed when the girl broke up with him because she was depressed. Ice asked Raffy’s help to take back everthing he gave. However, the girl stood firm that she will not return them because they are her remembrance of him.

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