Kris Aquino weighs in on why various TV networks won’t sign her to a contract.

The upcoming month of April marks a whole year since Kris Aquino became absent from any regular television shows on air. It can be remembered that the “Queen of All Media” bade goodbye to her home network ABS-CBN way back in April 2016. However, even though she’s not tied to any other network today, controversy and inquiries still follow Kris Aquino.

Have you wondered why no other network has taken Kris under their wing? After all, Kris Aquino’s name will always ring a bell to any person from all walks of life. She is a multi-award-winning actress for her blockbuster hits, and remains one of the most-sought after endorser of her time. That being said, why has her showbiz career became stagnant for a year?

This is also the same ringing question that has baffled her avid supporters. One particular follower took the liberty to ask this question on Kris Aquino’s Instagram page. On January 31, the “Queen of All Media” shared a photo of her latest endorsement for a local cosmetics brand. One follower asked why Kris hasn’t yet any existing contract with any network.

As a response, Kris kept her answer brief and straight to the point: “Political reality.” Although she no longer elaborated her answer, her fans don’t need words to understand what she meant.

A follower responded:
“Exactly po Mam Kris, political reality…you have nothing to prove to anyone, you have proven long time and above all you are not just kind, you are a good person as well…basta we always support you. God bless po and we missed you on TV.”

Even though it has been a year since the “Queen of All Media” appeared in a regular television show, Kris Aquino is still raking in the bucks from her multi-million endorsements. Indeed, the 46-year-old endorser proved that she doesn’t need any television shows to stay relevant.

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