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Construction workers find lost dog in the most unusual place

Hat Trick, or Hattie to her loved ones, enjoys going outside at night as part of her routine. Usually, the 12-year-old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever goes back home in Minnesota after she finishes doing her business. One night, however, Hattie set on the biggest and most terrifying adventure of her life.

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When Hattie didn’t come back home from her usual nightly routine, her owners started to wonder where their furry family member went. It was not in her nature to break the electric fence surrounding her owner’s compound, but Hattie seemed to have successfully outsmarted her family for the first time.

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Meanwhile, workers in a nearby construction site were busy doing their jobs when something odd happened. One of their contractors from Kiewit Infrastructure noticeD that there were rocks falling from one of the cliffs in their site.

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To their surprise, they found Hattie stuck and evidently scared. Construction workers said that Hattie was actually trying to climb down the cliff when she realized that it was a little too scary for her. They initially tried to convince the adventurous pooch to come down herself, but she was too scared.

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One member of the Minnesota Department of Transportation stepped up and volunteered to save Hattie using a man lift. “It’s unknown where the pup started her descent, but she wasn’t discovered until she reached the bottom third of the wall and became stuck,” the organization posted on Facebook.

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Seeing that the man approaching is trying to save her, Hattie did not hesitate to climb unto the lift and behaved well during their ride back to the ground.

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Right now, Hattie is back in the loving arms of her family. She now has to think twice if she really wants to go on another crazy adventure.


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