Three-year-old Mirranda Lawson loses her life after choking from a popcorn

On May 2016, Alison Lawson was supposed to be having the time of her life, celebrating her birthday at home together with her family. Unfortunately, tragedy struck when her three-year-old daughter, Mirranda Lawson, entered the living room with her eyes wide open and her mouth tightly shut. Immediately, Alison and her husband Patrick knew something was wrong.

After the toddler passed out on the ground, her father quickly ran to her and performed CPR, but to no avail. The child seemed lifeless.

via: Didyouknow
via: Didyouknow

After the ambulance arrived, Mirranda Lawson’s vitals came back. She was then placed in a ventilator and admitted to a children’s hospital.

Although Mirranda’s vitals were going steady, the doctors found out that her brain was no longer responsive. The poor girl was on life support.

via: Didyouknow
via: Didyouknow

With the hospital staff losing hope, they pushed to take down Mirranda’s life support. However, the family wanted to hold on to every strand of hope there was. So, they took the issue to court.

“We are fighting for more time to let her heal, we ask that you keep her in your prayers, keep the family in your prayers, and keep the specialists and care team in your prayers to make sound decisions for the well-being of Mirranda,” Mirranda’s cousin said.

via: Didyouknow
via: Didyouknow

A six-month-long court battle ensued. But in November of 2016, before the court could even come up with a ruling, Mirranda Lawson had already met her end.

All of this happened simply because of a popcorn kernel that got stuck in her windpipe. According to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, popcorn is one of the foods that is most likely to cause asphyxiation in very young children.

Just last March, a three-year-old Australian boy also lost his life after choking on his toy ball. His mother tried to save him by performing CPR, but it was not enough.

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