Celebrity dads show their wives how much they care this Mother’s Day

When it comes to Mother’s Day, it’s usually the sons and daughters who are ones eager to post their appreciation for their moms. Of course, let’s not forget that our mothers are wives too and our dads love them just as much as we do. For this list, let’s take a look at celebrity husbands who showed their wives just how much they care through posts on Instagram.

Get your favorite drink, take a comfy sit, and get ready to say “aww” over and over again over these Instahusbands who went the extra mile to greet the love of their lives.

1. GP Reyes
Let’s start of the list with a tearjerker Mother’s Day post! GP said that he was infinitely fortunate that Andi Manzano is his best friend, wife, and the mother of his child.

Via: instagram

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Calling her the perfect mom, GP said that Andi is the most selfless, kind, generous, patient, beautiful, and giving human being ever. Isn’t that sweet? He posted a picture of Andi with their newborn back in 2015.

2. Alwyn Uytingco
Daddy Alwyn posted a picture of Jennica Garcia and their baby Mori. In the caption, he wrote that Jennica is the best wife and mother for their family and that they love her. Simple yet sweet, well done!

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3. Oyo Sotto
Call it cliché but Oyo’s use of Proverbs 31:10 and Proverbs 31:29-31 in his post shows just how much he loves Kristine Hermosa.

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4. Paul Jake Castillo
Kaye Abad is a lucky woman with a sweetheart like Paul Jake, and it shows in this Mother’s Day post!

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5. Joross Gamboa
With a picture of their small family, he thanked her wife for being the “light” of the family. He said that he loves Katz and that he appreciates the sacrifices she has made for the family.

Via: instagram
Via: instagram

6. Adrien Semblat
Another simple and sweet Mother’s Day post, he said that the family is lucky and proud to have Isabelle Daza.

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7. Jim Bacarro
Posting a pic of Saab Magalona together with their baby Pancho, he recalled how Saab’s touch, warmth, and love healed the child.

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8. Drew Arellano
Posting a series of photos in Instagram for Mother’s Day, he thanked Iya Villania for everything she’s done.

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9. Doug Kramer

Via: instagram

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The patriarch of the country’s leading family in commercials and other ads, the dad of Team Kramer posted a picture of Cheska Garcia with a newborn Kendra. Doug said that Cheska’s true calling is motherhood, he added that she is a true disciplinarian for their children.


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