Family of fallen WWI soldier finally receives lost posthumous award

The Presidential Medal of Freedom is the highest honor that can be awarded to any U.S. civilian. So, you can imagine how valuable this medal was for the family of a fallen WWI soldier who was an official recipient. Unfortunately, the posthumous award landed in a random field when it was on its way to being delivered to their home.

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A certain A.G. Hammond reached the end of his life when he was just 24. The WWI soldier was awarded with the Medal of Freedom in an effort to honor his sacrifice and service. His wife was supposed to receive the medal but it mysteriously ended up in a field. The medal’s rightful owners never received it.

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Decades later, a nine-year-old named Mike Iacovelli unexpectedly found the medal in his backyard. After taking it to a museum and learning about its value, Mike stored it inside a box and later forgot about it.

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After some years, Mike started his own family. After he displayed the medal to his children, he thought about finding the real owners who owned this prestigious award.
He said,
“It has been treasured by me for many years with my intention of one day finding the rightful owners and family who it once belonged to. I recall the delight when I started to clean off the dirt and realized that this was not just another old coin in my collection.”

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He posted his discovery on Worcestershire Memories – a Facebook page. Luckily, a certain Debbie Evans – A.G Hammond’s great granddaughter – messaged him and revealed that she was his relative. Her granddaughter named Carol Griffiths was the one who received the important family possession from Mike. It turns out that his descendant was living 300 yards from where Mark first found the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


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