Coco Martin posts a beautiful Rhino SUV on Instagram, is it his new ride?

Coco Martin has come a long way in his life. From being a janitor in Canada to becoming a celebrated and well-respected actor in the Philippines, the humble Coco Martin and his knack for acting are definitely undisputed.

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If it ain’t obvious enough, this man is hard working! He has movies left and right, commercials, and tons of television series in his belt! Come on, who doesn’t know “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano?” A series that started 3 years ago, Coco martin’s action series that tackles relevant issues of today is definitely a hit!

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via: ABS-CBN

Of course, with all that success, anyone would ask, what does he do with all that money?

Well, the actor does have a mansion that’s basically a resort in Quezon City. But it looks like our fave action star loves cars and motorcycles!

Just check out his Instagram and you’ll see that he has tons of luxury cars and motorcycles that’s fit for an action star!

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A BMW, a white Dodge Challenger, a Ducati motorcycle, and even a red mini cooper, those are just some of the rides that Coco Martin uses.

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via: ABS-CBN

Looks like he just added something new to his collection though! On IG, he posted a picture of him next to a Rhino SUV!

Just take a look at this wild beautiful beast!

Oh and look at the car behind him!

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With a big smile on the picture, Coco Martin captioned, “Black Rhino”

Did he buy it already? Is it just a prospect? Well, he has the dough, so why not?

Looks like his friends agree with his new ride with his Michael De Mesa, Daryl Ong, Vhong Navarro, and Jestoni Alarcon giving their nods and comments to the beast of a machine.

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Jestoni Alarcon even gave him an invite for an off-roading session, an activity fit for the Primetime King.

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