Check out this rare footage showing the true power of a rain bomb

The nature really is full of wonders, and it is not often that we get to see the majesty of its full power. This rare footage shows the incredible effect of a rain bomb. The footage looks like a CGI special effect in a science fiction movie.

Via: boredomtherapy

A rain bomb or a “microburst”, occurs when the cooled section of the air suddenly sinks in while there is a storm. This creates a mesmerizing sight of water droplets being pulled to the ground with a tremendous force, making it look like a literal bomb.

This incredible rain bomb in the photo was captured by a storm chaser in Arizona.

Via: boredomtherapy

The effect is both stunning and frightening, looking like the beginning of the end of the world as portrayed on TV (not kidding). According to Boredom Therapy, when the cooled air hits the ground, it causes the winds to go up – reaching speeds up to 150mph. The air is pushed outwardly in a twisting motion, causing it to bring in heavy torrents of rain.

Via: boredomtherapy

A microburst can also reach up to 2.5 miles across, but it only lasts for a very short period of time. From afar, it looks like a bomb made of water just dropped. Some people even describe it as an “upside-down tornado”. This is hardly surprising considering how they are both very powerful phenomena.

Via: boredomtherapy

Here are some of the comments from awestruck netizens:

“it actually looks soo cool but wondering if they are ok”

“Is it capable of destroying houses and cars?”

“I can’t even imagine what that would be like to experience. In the course of a a few minutes suddenly its 150mph winds and rain, it’d be like the effin apocalypse.”

Via: boredomtherapy

“Mother Nature and her damn mood swings.”

Watch video here:

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Source: boredomtherapy

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