More than 1,000 skeletons discovered in underground ancient burial site in Cambridge

Do you often wonder what’s beneath your feet when you walk the streets? Probably a large sewer filled with filth and rats. On rare occasion, you might find far more interesting things buried under all the familiar places you’ve been to. In London, for example, experts recently unearthed an ancient burial site that remained hidden underground for years.

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The amazing discovery was made when experts from Cambridge University and Cambridge Archeological Unit joined force to excavate a hidden ancient burial site right inside the university. For many years, experts have been aware of the site’s existence, but they had no idea how massive it was until they took a closer look.

The site was formerly a medieval hospital erected sometime in 1195 to take care of London’s sick population. Connected to the hospital is a burial site, which is believed to be the graveyard for poor people who could not afford to be buried in an exclusive cemetery.

This theory was further supported when experts found out that most of the skeletal remains were buried without a coffin. This led archeologists to believe that most of the skeletal remains belong to peasants who didn’t have enough money for proper burial rites.

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Experts were terrified after unearthing one skeleton after the other. In the end, they managed to uncover more than 1,000 remains in the ancient burial site, 400 of whom were perfectly preserved. Although this might be a spine-chilling discovery for laymen, experts were thrilled because it can open up a new door to the past.

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The archeologists are hoping that this massive discovery will help us take a peek into the lives of people who lived in the medieval times.

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Source: sliptalk

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