8 proud celebrity parents and their messages for kids who graduated this 2018

The season of celebrating our graduates is here and the class of 2018 have arrived. A time not only for the graduates to reap the fruit of their hard work but also for the proud parents to witness the product of their labor. Just like any other parent, celebrity parents have invested a lot of time and effort into their kids – in the hopes that they’ll grow up intelligent, brave and independant.

Check out these proud celebrity parents and their heartwarming messages on Instagram for their children who graduated this 2018!

1. Senator Manny Pacquiao and Jinkee Pacquiao

On the Instagram photos shared by Jinkee last March 22, she stated that the Pacquiao couple are very proud and blessed for the accomplishments of their children Michael and Princess.

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She then wrote a caption, “Congratulations my dear Princess and Michael. Oh, how time flies fast!”

Michael, the couple’s second son finally finished junior high school while Princess graduated from elementary.

They both studied at Hope Christian School in General Santos City.

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2. Sunshine Cruz

For two consecutive days, Sunshine along with her partner Macky Mathay attended the graduation ceremonies of her daughters Angelina and Chesca. Angelina, Sunshine’s eldest had her moving up ceremony last March 23. The next day, it was then Chesca, who finished elementary. The sisters both studied at De La Salle Santiago-Zobel School in Muntinlupa City. On an Instagram post, Sunshine shared that she is proud of her graduates and their accomplishments.

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3. Aiko Melendez

Aiko’s “mini-me” Martena finally finished Grade six last March 26.

The actress then posted a snap on Instagram with a caption,

“Congratulations to you my mini me. [jickainmarthena] Incoming grade 7… You are blessed to be in a great school, not only did it mold you, of how you are today, but to never stop aiming for your dreams. As you enter grade 7 they’ll be a lot of challenges but please know with all those, I am here for you All the way! Love you so much.”

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Martena is a student at Saint Pedro Poveda College in Quezon City.

4. Jericho Rosales

On Instagram, Echo posted a photo of his son Santino who finally graduated from high school last March 25. He then wrote a short yet very meaningful caption,

“Dad’s very proud. Love you @santinorosales”

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Santino attended high school at San Agustin in Makati City.

5. Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto

Although these two celebrity parents have had their differences, they remain proud parents of daughter Sabina. They attended her graduation last February 1. On Instagram Claudine wrote a lengthy message expressing her love and support for their daughter.

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“Seeing you and your sharing your dreams that you read for your Dad and I made the 3 of us cry. More so your dad cried the most [raymartsantiago] upon learning that at 13 you might want to study out of the country in a few years gave me panic attacks.

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“Sab thank you for being an amazing daughter, a straight A student, a loving daughter, sister etc. Whatever you want to be, whatever your plans are, know that we are all behind you. We cannot give you the world but know that we will damn try.

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“Like I always tell you anak, we cannot promise that we can fix all your problems but know that u will never have to face them alone. Dream big Sab, we are all behind you.”

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6. Cherry Pie Picache

The actress is a proud mother when she shared snaps of her son Antonio Tria on Instagram. Antonio just finished junior high school this week from the Ateneo De Manila University.

An excerpt from her lengthy post says,

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“Now son, spread your wings and take flight like an eagle remembering all the values, lessons learned and keeping in mind what Fr. Manoling Francisco SJ said, it is not what you have and who you are that will define you, it is the decisions you make every day.”

7. Alma Concepcion

Alma welcomed her son Cobe Puno to college through an Instagram post that she shared.

Cobe had his high school years at Ateneo de Manila where he graduated last March 25.

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“Thank you cobs for appreciating my efforts which cannot be measured with money. The time & effort I have been giving has a priceless tag on it. Your acknowledgement on everything I’ve done is my greatest achievement. Someday, when you have your own family, you should duplicate or even be a better version of me. Giving not just monetary provision, not just quality time but most importantly quantity time. Cuz giving time is the best expression of love. Nothing beats quantity time plus effort!”

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8. Gary Estrada and Bernadette Allyson

The second daughter of Bernadette and Gary graduated from elementary last March 26. Their beautiful daughter Gabbi studied at Saint Pedro Poveda College in Quezon City.

On Instagram, Bernadette posted a snap with her daughter where she wrote the caption,

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“With my Gabbi this morning before going to her graduation ceremony. Congratulations to our dearest Gabbi! We are all very proud of you. I love you so much!”

What can you say about these proud celebrity parents? Do you know other celebrities who also have kids who graduated or who will graduate this year? Share your thoughts, reactions, and opinions in the comments section below!

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